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Specialty Project Services

The landscape of today’s corporate enterprise is one in constant motion and mobility. Organizations are on the move with real estate acquisitions to support growth. Others are reorganizing to support virtual work environments to adapt to today’s employment models, and maximizing workspace efficiencies. Change is one constant that the business enterprise can always count on. Partnering with the best service partners that understand this standard is key for the success, and scalability any enterprise infrastructure project endeavor. Whether your enterprise planning involves software application or construction support oriented services- we are Your Trusted IT Partner.

OpalSoft’sInfrastructure Project Services team has over a decade of success in providing large-scale specialty infrastructure project services in the healthcare and government sectors. We utilize similar best practices and compliance standards used in these business segments to deliver the same high quality standard of service to our commercial clientele.

Our Practice Service Offerings Include:

Why OpalSoft?…

  • Over 19 years of successful services to the commercial and government business sectors
  • Certified Diversity & SAM (System for Award Management) compliant Company
  • Adaptable Project Management engagement methods to ensure client compliance & risk management standards are achieved
  • Dedicated technical resource team members assigned end-to-end through completion of the project endeavor
  • Virtual “Bench” Methodology –Value added On-Demand resource services
  • High Retention of both Corporate & Technical Resource employee base