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If you are already an OpalSoft consultant, use the following links to access necessary forms and information. For additional questions, do not hesitate to contact OpalSoft HR.


OpalSoft continually reviews its benefits and incentive programs to ensure that they remain in line with the core values of our company. Our innovative and entrepreneurial culture has helped us attract and retain some of the very best people. OpalSoft benefits include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Direct Deposit
  • Life Insurance
  • Relocation Assistance


OpalSoft believes in continuous training and upgrading to help its employees stay ahead of the technology curve and work towards their career growth. As a part of its Continuous Skills Upgrading and Training (CSUT) program, OpalSoft pays 100% for all the approved training and certification courses.

Stress-Free Relocation

Moves, be they domestic or international are part of our lives and more so in IT services. OpalSoft has great relocation plan to assist you in making your move a painless experience.

Payroll & Forms

OpalSoft provides two paychecks or pay periods per month. Paychecks are available by direct deposit or through the Company’s office directly. To get payroll information please visit our payroll processing company website.

Form I-9

W4 Form

Employee Information


All non-exempt employees are required to maintain a daily record of time worked. Employees are forbidden to record any timekeeping information for other workers during the workday. Employees must also record when leaving work at unscheduled intervals for reasons other than for company business. Non exempt employees must “clock in” at the correct time work begins; clock out at the start of their meal/lunch break; clock back in when returning to work from this break: and clock out at the end of their workday. Non-exempt employees are subject to pay deductions for any unapproved absences from work. Exempt employees may also be required to record their time for administrative purposes such as to track usage of vacation or sick leave.

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