Enterprise Applications Support

EAI is part of the natural evolution of application delivery that includes improved software componentization and the increasing acquisition of packaged software. With little time to build new applications from scratch, reluctance to rewrite mission critical legacy applications, and no single package providing a complete solution, the only timely and cost effective response is to integrate back office systems with web-enabled applications.

EAI is a very complex process. EAI encompasses Process Integration, Data Integration, Information Consolidation and Data Synchronization. The need to integrate applications and processes, as well as data, has become the new high-priority for many organizations.

Oracle Applications

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Maximo Asset Management Implementation

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SAP Implementation

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The OpalSoft Edge

OpalSoft helps its clients to find the best architecture and tools to support the integration of existing applications and data, the implementation of new packages and its components, and the extension of all pieces, to provide the custom functionality for competitive advantage.

OpalSoft provides consulting in the areas of SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle Applications. We understand the power of automation and integration that these packages bring. We deliver process improvement to organization with re-engineered business processes. Our expertise in the areas of ERP implementations starts from Business Process Analysis to Post implementation Support. We help you effectively choose the right ERP package for your long as well as short-term goals.

Scope of our services includes:

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Scoping & Prototyping
  • Implementation and Customization
  • Integrating with External Systems
  • QA and Documentation
  • End-User Training
  • Post-Production Support

OpalSoft edge lies in its ability to leverage its extensive knowledge and expertise, not only in several EAI products but also in B2B, Application Servers, ERP, SCM, and CRM products and adaptor/connector development to give you a complete solution.

We offer a comprehensive range of ERP implementation services across Oracle, SAP, & IBM Maximo. Our team’s experience in various products and tools.