Specialty Project Services

The landscape of today’s corporate enterprise is one in constant motion and mobility. Organizations are on the move with real estate acquisitions to support growth. Others are reorganizing to support virtual work environments to adapt to today’s employment models, and maximizing workspace efficiencies. Change is one constant that the business enterprise can always count on. Partnering with the best service partners that understand this standard is key for the success, and scalability any enterprise infrastructure project endeavor. Whether your enterprise planning involves software application or construction support oriented services- we are Your Trusted IT Partner.

OpalSoft’s Infrastructure Project Services team has over a decade of success in providing large-scale specialty infrastructure project services in the healthcare and government sectors. We utilize similar best practices and compliance standards used in these business segments to deliver the same high quality standard of service to our commercial clientele.

Why OpalSoft
  • Over 19 years of successful services to the commercial and government business sectors
  • Certified Diversity & SAM (System for Award Management) compliant Company
  • Adaptable Project Management engagement methods to ensure client compliance & risk management standards are achieved
  • Dedicated technical resource team members assigned end-to-end through completion of the project endeavor
  • Virtual “Bench” Methodology –Value added On-Demand resource services
  • High Retention of both Corporate & Technical Resource employee base
Network Design & Engineering Services

Our Network Engineering team members are certified professionals with an average of 15 years experience assessing existing network infrastructure, designing, re-configuring and integrating network schema and topologies within the corporate and government environments. OpalSoft’s technical team works closely with your builders, suppliers, and service providers to ensure your infrastructure project’s communication foundation is centered and on schedule.

  • Monitoring & Reporting of Network Availability
  • Managed LAN and Wireless LAN Services
  • Router Services
  • Network Security
  • Capacity & Performance Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Fault Management

For each of these segments, we provide services that address all the stages of the life-cycle - deploying, operating, and optimization of the network.

Our Network Services team help organizations to deliver higher levels of service with fewer resources, and rationalize their network infrastructures, suppliers and processes to remove both cost and complexity.

Infrastructure Cabling Design & Implementation

Cabling Design for the enterprise is a collaborative process. Our cabling design team is uniquely experienced in working within all schedule milestones, and interacting on the highest level of delivery. Whether working with the construction contactors, sub-contractors, our team is an extension of your team.

Coupled with a detailed Assessment and Planning engagement, our engineers and consultants plan and design a structured cabling system that will allow your business to cost effectively plan, install and manage the complex cable and fiber infrastructure required by today's networks.

We Create cable plant documentation to help maintain the integrity of the network by tracking the continuity through equipment, patch cords, cross-connects, connectors, cables and outlets. It encompasses the design and maintenance of the cable plant. Cable plant documentation can be an ally against the ravages of system downtime, giving you the power to configure your cable plant so you have fewer network problems.

InfrastructureDiscovery, Asset Allocation & Management Services

Whether your company has an acquisition, merger, expanding or downsizing- Asset Allocation Management is paramount in today’s enterprise. Knowledge of your exact assets ensures the ROI on your enterprise project endeavor. OpalSoft’s experienced technical services team members utilizewith the latest asset management technologies, and systems to capture, track and manage your assets and control your inventory budgets.

IT Enterprise Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC)

OpalSoft’s technical team leverage state-of-the-art technology, tools and processes to give your business the required edge. Our experienced technicians have successfully provided workstation deployment services across a diverse client mix, from large-scale to small. In a world of connectivity, our team will provide expertise across all platforms of mobility connectivity in tandem with your deployment needs. Our suite of project based services in our MAC practice area include (but are not limited to):

  • MonitoringDeployment, Relocation & Upgrade Services
  • Configuration Services
  • Cable Management Services
  • Enterprise Hardware & Software Refresh Services
  • Hardware Decommission Services

OpalSoft has over decade of experience in Installations, Moves, Adds& Changes services. Our MAC services are tailor-made, cost-effective and completed on-time, to meet your organization’s operational needs, and we offer maximum flexibility and agility.

  • Scalable resource deployment regardless of project size
  • Consistent and predictable service outcome
  • Single point of contact for service and accountability
  • Reduced business complexities and on-time installation of hardware
  • Fixed costs ensuring transparent and tight budgetary control
  • Reduced implementation time