Why OpalSoft?

OpalSoft has proven themselves where it matters: in the crucible of the real world client sites

Your business strategies and hiring plans are too critical to leave to chance. At OpalSoft, we understand the complexities that face IT leaders, because we’ve spent years in key technology roles ourselves. Our hands-on experience, combined with our proven candidate screening processes, makes all the difference.

Here are some of the reasons we are uniquely qualified to support your resource requirements:

Partnership approach

OpalSoft serves as true partners to our clients. We spend time getting to know our client’s business, team objectives, opportunities and challenges, and consultant usage patterns in order to collaboratively develop effective staffing strategies.

Precisely matched consultants

OpalSoft team is expert at uncovering the specific technical expertise and interpersonal skills needed for each requirement, as well as the work environment and cultural fits. We use this knowledge to deliver ideally suited consultants for every opening.

Top-caliber talent

Our large pool of long-term consultants, high volume of referred candidates, and wide network of industry partners allows us to identify top consultants for even the most challenging job requirements. We deploy a comprehensive recruitment and qualification process.


When it comes to making the perfect fit, specializing in IT gives us an edge. Our industry domain knowledge increases the value of our client and consultant relationships. We speak your language, which makes it extremely easy to do business with us.

Believe in values creation

We’ve built a reputation for quality by maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in all what we do. With senior level management involvement in every account, we ensure that every engagement will be handled with professionalism and promptness.

Our Recruiting Process

Thorough screening, exceptional results

OpalSoft employs systematic approach to the recruitment process ensuring only the very best candidates are presented to our clients. Our team works directly with the client to gain a total understanding of the position requirements, technical abilities required and the soft skills necessary to make a candidate a success. Our team cultivates personalized, long-term relationships with the consultants we work with, and leverage this vast network of proven resources to accelerate the recruiting process.

In-depth Discovery

We take the time to understand your exact technical specifications, how the open position role fits into your overall project team composition, and how this position contributes to your broader IT initiatives.

Creative Sourcing

Our strength lies in understanding the type of individual it takes to do the job—and also who isn’t a good fit. In addition to traditional methods, we uncover passive candidates through direct sourcing, active networking and consultant referrals.

Stringent Screening

If a candidate doesn’t meet our tough standards, then they are not going to meet yours. We only submit candidates who can perform from a technology standpoint and have the communication and business skills to shine. Our screening process include multi-tiered interviewing, testing, and detailed reference checks, so you can be sure the consultant will meet your high quality standards.

Complete Follow-through

We serve as advocates throughout the hiring process and maintain frequent communications to ensure the satisfaction of clients and placed consultants.